Description of Mini Rex and Polish Rabbits

This is a brief summery of what to look for in polish and mini-rex rabbits. For a better description you will need to refer the "STANDARD OF PERFECTION" which to "rabbit people" is our most important resource of information on the standards. They are of course subject to interpetation. We have injected our opinions and they may net be necessarily agreed upon by all judges.

Mini-rex rabbits come in these varieties: black, blue, broken group, (this group consists of all the recognized colors on white) castor, chinchilla, chocolate, himalayan, lynx, opal, red, seal, tortoise, BEW (blue eyed white) and REW (ruby eyed white). At this time they are working on a new variety called Otter. This new variety will consist of 4 recognized colors all to be shown together. They consist of black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. I have managed to make 3 of these 4 colors so far and have been most pleased with them. Sr. bucks can weigh as much as 41/4 lbs. And sr. does can weigh as much as 41/2 lbs. Minimum show weight for JR's is 2 lbs. The mini-rex fur is short and feels like velvet, it should feel extremely smooth to the touch. It should be dense, straight, and upright. A mini-rex is judged mostly on fur and color so you will want to pay particular attention to these features. The body type of a mini-rex should be short, compact, and close coupled. When viewed from behind we like to see the hindquarters as high as they are wide. The head should be close to the shoulders and well balanced. We find the mini-rex to be a curious friendly rabbit.

Polish come in these varieties: black, blue, broken group, chocolate, blue-eyed white, and ruby-eyed white. As with mini-rex the broken group is all recognized colors on white. Polish is also working on a new Varity called lilac. I have been working on some getting this gene into my own lines. I am very excited about another variety in Polish. Senior bucks and does can weigh up to 3 lbs. Minimum show weight for JR's is 11/4 lbs. The head is the area of a polish that is judged with the most points, although the body is important also. A polish should have a medium full and short head with full cheeks. Bucks will have a broader, more masculine looking head. When looking at the head from the side you should see a slight curvature. We like to look for a boxy shape to the facial features. Their eyes should be large, bold and bright. Their ears should be short and well balanced with the body. Ears should be close together and touch each other all the way up. The body of a polish should be short and compact. It should have well-rounded hips that are wider then the shoulders. The fur should be short, fine and dense with a fly back coat. The polish rabbits is commonly called the "little aristocrat" for it's pompous, proud looking features. I have attached an article written by Judge Erik Bengston for the 1999 ARBA Convention Judges Conference. Erik raises polish and is in my opinion a very good judge of the Polish rabbit.

Below is presentation given by our beloved Erik D-3 director for the 1999 ARBA Convention in Louisville Kentucky

Judging Polish
By Erik A. Bengtson
For the 1999 ARBA Convention Judges Conference

* Remember Polish have FLYBACK coats. A rollback coat is a DISQUALIFICATION! Many Polish have rollback coats. DQ them!
* A Dewlap is a Disqualification in Polish. The best way to evaluate whether or not it is a dewlap is to let the animal move on the table. If anytime during the animals movement you see a double chin larger than a pencil, DQ it.
* Maximum weight for juniors is 2 1/2 pounds. It is very common to see mature juniors reach that weight. If it's close, weigh it. Weights are protestable so don't overlook it.
* Polish are to be posed with the head close to the table. Without a proper pose evaluating body type would be very difficult.
* Watch for Blues with brown eyes.
* Beware of Blues with frosty or silvered color. They are to be DQed or given an unworthy of an award.